Cards Against Humanity: Design Pack Full Spoiler

2 08 2015

During the fasting periods between the mainline expansions, the Cards Against Humanity team has recently been generously producing little snack-packs to satiate consumer hunger, such as the 90’s Pack and Nostalgia Pack that whet the appetite. While most of the content from those mini-expansions caters to specific tastes, they haven’t generally strayed far from the format and formula of the core game. Not so with the arrival of the recent Design Pack, in which the “Now For Something A Little Different” switch has been flipped.

The Design Pack at first glance appears to contain 29 cards with the familiar white card backs, but upon the turnaround you’ll find that each is adorned with full-bleed, full-color artwork akin to something like the cards from Dixit, albeit with a predictably obscene slant. Each card is unique, and appears to be something of a tribute to George Carlin’s renowned “seven words you can never say on television” bit. As expected the imagery is mostly as “colorful” as the game’s language.

As amusing and unexpected as the content of this mini-expansion is, I have a hard time seeing how it would integrate if one were to mix it with the base game in the way that it is typically intended to be played. I can’t envision these image cards as cogent responses to many of the black card’s prompts. Perhaps it is better to think of this pack as a piece of quaint bonus content, akin to something you would see from one of their holiday promotions. But another exciting possibility is that it is an experiment with the production of full-colored cards for a future project, as the visual quality of these cards is rather impressive.

Speculation aside, if you are curious as to the particulars of the content, hit the link to the next page to see them all laid plain. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this at this point but you probably shouldn’t peek at these if your boss or grandma is watching (unless they’re into it).


Cards Against Humanity: Science Pack Full Spoiler

12 04 2015

Occasionally Cards Against Humanity releases themed mini-expansions such as their yearly holiday packs and one-offs like the 90s Pack or Reject Pack. This time around we’re treated to the Science Pack, filled with informed-sounding jargon and science-y references perfect for you to play with and exchange pretentious knowing glances with your learned friends that “f***ing love science.”


Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion Full Spoiler

4 04 2015

The CAH expansions almost seem to be outpacing the years that pass at this point, which is nothing to complain about unless you’ve got some kind of cognitive disorder. The CAH train seems to be bustling along with their yearly promotional stunts, holiday specials, and even acquisition of vast tracts of land such as “Hawaii 2,” so lets look forward to more releases and success from the CAH team! Unless, you know, you’re a shitty person or something.

Curiously, there are no PICK 2 black cards in the sixth expansion. Perhaps they are trying to adjust the ratio of single-picks to the doubles after the glut of PICK 2s from recent expansions.

If you’re wondering why there’s no 5th expansion spoiler here, it’s because by the time I got around to writing it up I discovered it was already available. Go check out the CAH page on if you want to see it.


Cards Against Humanity 90s Nostalgia Pack Full Spoiler

22 05 2014

A 30 card mini-expansion was recently released on the online Cards Against Humanity store, dedicated to the 10 retrospectively awkward years before the turn of the millenium. Rifling through these additions you may in quick succession experience a rush of nostalgic familiarity, followed by a sting of realization that you are not as young as you used to be, followed by a twinge of shame/regret. Enjoy.


Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box Expansion Full Spoiler

23 11 2013

If you are a devout CAH collector then you’ve probably already encountered the problem of storage using all these cards. And it is a big problem. Big problems need bigger solutions, and fortunately there is a solution to this conundrum in the form of the “The bigger, blacker box,” the proprietary and official box of holding from the CAH team.

What you might not have known is that as an added bonus, the BBB comes with a very small packet containing the “Box Expansion,” featuring an assortment of box-themed white cards. The packet’s inclusion is mostly just a fun joke, as the individual entries are all box-centric and can be a bit rigid in their application or fall flat (durr hurr hurr). Still, they are a semi-official release and if not used in actual play, are still a trinket addition to the CAH legacy.

OCD completionist tendencies? Click on to see what’s in the box.


Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion Full Spoiler

23 11 2013

CAH is 4 for 4 for releasing yearly content updates, and I will drain this glass as a toast to this and many more like it in the future. I was gonna drain it anyway, but y’know.

The black cards are starting to sound similar to older ones but are still phrased well. The white cards feature the most promiscuity of any expansion set so far, but if you’re a CAH veteran, it’s not going to make you blush at this point.

It’s worth my $10 and I’d venture it’s gonna be worth yours too. Get the full spread on the next page.


Cards Against Humanity: PAX East 2013 Packs “A,” “B,” and “C” Full Spoiler

6 04 2013

Some might be aware that there are a few promotional items for Cards Against Humanity in addition to the core sets and 3 expansions so far. The “holiday pack” came out late last year in a pay-what-you want campaign with various holiday-themed cards, and prior to that there were promo packs given out at PAX Prime 2012 but they were mostly updated cards-for people who had older sets-that were already available in the recent core sets.

At PAX East 2013 there were three small promotional packs that were given out throughout the show featuring all-new cards catering to the PAX crowd. They are fairly easy albeit a tad pricey to obtain on eBay, and the completionist impulse in me spurred a purchase.

The jokes and references are fairly niche, targeted specifically towards the PAX East crowd featuring game-related and Penny Arcade culture humor. If you are curious on the contents of the packs and if they are worth pursuing for your set, find the full card list on page 2.


Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion Full Spoiler

27 03 2013

Today I finally got my hands on the 3rd expansion set for Cards Against Humanity that released last week. There is always room in the budget for more CAH and their $10 expansion packs are always a fair deal to inject some new life into the game. There was a little bit of redundancy in this set and my custom fan-made expansion but only by about 4 cards, and as usual the whole thing is solid gold.

In case anyone was curious on what they would get or just cannot wait to know what’s contained within as they sit idle for their set to arrive, here is the full card list.


Producing a Cards Against Humanity custom expansion

1 11 2012

Cards Against Humanity is a great, great game. It is so good, in fact, that I found that new content for the game was coming out too slowly for me. If you go to their website, you’ll see that they encourage remixing and player added content, and the game itself is created under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. So I figured, why not?

It started off as many disorganized pet projects begin; as a Google doc. It was a fairly reflective period as I sat in my chair for lengths of time and thought of as many horrible fucked-up things as I could, being careful to check against the existing official cards for redundancy (and synergy). I asked for help and as more and more collaborators bought in to the effort, I had just shy of 20 people on board, each contributing some hilarious and terrible ingredient to our cesspool of ideas. Before too long we were looking at a hefty list of over 350 entries, quite enough to make the endeavor worthwhile. It was time to carry this thing to term.

Naturally, I wanted to find a method of production that would be the absolute cheapest yet at the same time I wanted acceptable quality and most importantly similarity in materials to the official cards such that the finished expansion would be able to integrate with the actual game as seamlessly as possible. It was an exercise in attention to detail as I examined dozens of fonts to find the correct match (Helvetica Neue 75 Bold if you wanted to know), learned of the correct cut of cards pertaining to width and height, roundedness of the corners, weight of paper stock and types of finishing and varnish available, and learned about resolution, color temperatures, and file outputs that high quality printing projects demand.

My first inclination was to research Chinese printing companies overseas which offered highly attractive rates. However, this soon became problematic due to the high cost of receiving samples which was integral to the process to ensure I got what I wanted. I then evaluated options stateside and while the costs were considerably higher, communication and negotiation with these companies was much more prompt and painless. I eventually settled on a NJ based company called AdMagic, who had very similar cardstock to what I needed and was also open to producing fully customized cards in irregular quantities.

I worked with various members from the AdMagic team to negotiate pricing and to make precisely sure that they understood the nature of the project and what I was trying to accomplish. I wrestled with their provided printing templates to avoid the setup fee and elected to do all the alignment and organization of the image files manually with guidance from the team, the years of self-taught dickering in Photoshop and Illustrator finally bearing fruit. All in all the project was turning out to be a lot of work but with the end in mind I feverishly edited, checked, and rechecked until everything was ready to go to the physical production phase.

However, perhaps I made the folks at AdMagic understand a little too well. Whether they had already heard of Cards Against Humanity, or looked it up on their own initiative, they contacted the creators of the official game about my proposed project; an understandable move from a legal liability standpoint. I was surprised to receive a message from Ben Hantoot, one of the designers of CAH in my inbox and expected bad news. However, I was pleased to hear that after his review of the material, the project had his blessing to move forward with two conditions: Firstly that I must never sell the cards from the custom expansion and second that I append “Kyle’s Custom Edition” or something of the like to the faces of the cards such that they can be differentiated from the official ones. The first item I had already accepted to be true under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0, and the second I was more than happy to oblige. So the CAH guys are indeed as cool as they say and there was finally nothing left to do except send the money to get this thing under way.

So a few weeks and several hundred dollars later the box shows up on my doorstep and I am quite pleased with how the set turned out. The cut of the cards is ever so slightly larger than the originals, noticeable only if you are looking for it, and using protective sleeves on the cards will probably mitigate this entirely. Even though it was grueling and costly, in the end I have a very fine finished product, a greater understanding of the experience of printing and producing physical games, and the smug satisfaction of carrying a project of this nature through to the end and having a pretty banging custom set of Cards Against Humanity that is uniquely my own.