Personal Work


TypeFighter is an independent game project that I am working on as designer, lead artist, and lead animator.
The design philosophy of TypeFighter is to create a simple typing game that emulates the over-the-top and satisfying feel of a traditional arcade brawler or fighting game. It is an experiment in appropriating a user experience of one genre onto the simple mechanics of another, and an entertaining tool to train for speed and accuracy in word processing.

Gameplay samples (work in progress):
Created all character and UI art, animation, voice over and gameplay design. Additional gameplay design and all engineering by Kevin Lee. Music by Stephen Webster and Kevin Lax.

TypeFighter’s Intro:
Created all art assets and compiled video with After Effects. Music by Gavin Keese.


character concept sketch

Photo Manipulation/Retouching

DVD Cover mock-upFake screenshotpacifikoolad

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