Name Dropped In Game Industry Article About Respawn Entertainment And Santa Monica Studio

18 12 2014

It is still always very surreal to see my name show up in places where I didn’t personally write it, particularly when stumbling across instances from sources close to my professional/personal interests. I’ve been doing the games thing for almost 6 years now so it is kind of cool to be a living part of a shifting industry that someone finds worth monitoring and taking notice of.

Of course, the article is actually primarily about Jung Park, our amazing new artist that has come aboard who I also have had the opportunity to meet and work with twice in the past on God of War III and God of War: Ascension, and he joins many familiar faces here at Respawn that came over from Sony Santa Monica. What the real take away of the article for me was is a kind of truth I’ve come to recognize in the industry: That at the end of the day, teams are made of people. The credit and pedigree is not intrinsic to a branding, IP, or studio name but to the actual individuals and developers that pour their hearts and souls into their work, of all departments and disciplines. Over the course of time people come and go, and when we talk about how good or prestigious a given studio is, we’re really talking about a snapshot of a certain moment in time of all of the people that comprised that studio and what they were/are capable of. Given the mix of developers from many different backgrounds, I am really excited for whatever comes next at Respawn.

Speaking of showing up in places I didn’t expect, this reminded me of an anecdote from a little while ago where surreal took a turn for the creepy. Check this out:,433087/

Moby Games is something like an IMDB for the game industry. I do not know who operates or curates it, and I had no knowledge of my own page until last year (2013). What’s more, check out the accompanying photo that is on my Moby Games page:


This image is from the behind-the-scenes bonus footage on disc for God of War III in 2009. I did not provide this image. This means that somebody took the time and trouble to play through the bonus footage, capture a still of me during this excerpt presumably with some kind of capture hardware/software from PS3 to the computer, crop it, upload it, and submit it to this page before even I was aware of its existence.

Whoever you are that did all this, I admire your dedication from a respectful distance. (I’m just joking, it was just kind of weird to see a profile page for me that I had no hand in creating)



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