The Salty Bet Drinking Game, v1.0

12 10 2013
*Disclaimer: this is not endorsed or associated with Salty Bet. Please drink responsibly.*
You will need:
  • A good volume of alcohol
  • A way to stream
  • A method to calculate betting. We use poker chips with white chips to represent salty bucks, and red and blue chips to indicate the team.


Each player begins the game with 3 salty bucks. If you are using the poker chip method, also give each player a single red chip and blue chip.

Players may wager their salty bucks during the betting phase when characters are revealed. The wagers are revealed after betting time is over. All betting is done blind and revealed simultaneously by all players. There is no betting limit.

After all bets have been placed, calculate the odds based on the total salty bucks wagered by the red team against the blue team.

Payouts in salty bucks from the bank are given to players on the winning team based on the odds and the amount of salty bucks that individual player wagered, with a minimum of 1 salty buck. The players on the losing team lose their wager and must drink and amount of drinks equal to the amount of salty bucks they lost (where 1 drink=approx. 1 oz. beer or equivalent).

If a player is ever depleted to 0 salty bucks, they go to the “salt mines.” That player must take a shot and be resurrected with 3 salty bucks.

When any one player achieves 20 salty bucks, the game is over. All other players must take a shot. If multiple players achieve 20 or more salty bucks simultaneously, whoever has the most salty bucks is the winner. In the event of a tie, none of the tied winners must take a shot.



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