Review: God of War III

26 03 2010

At the time you purchased your PS3, this game was AT LEAST in the back of your mind if not the defining selling point for the console. In perhaps one of the most highly anticipated releases in the last decade, Uncle Kratos returns in the consummation of the trilogy that set the standard for action games of this generation, bringing all of the rage, hate, and unstoppable brutality that we know and love.
God of War III does everything a final chapter should do right. The gameplay is comfortable and familiar, but with a slew of new additions to Kratos’s arsenal of moves to help him cut, bludgeon, slice, smash, disembowel, dismember and decapitate his way through the ranks of Greek mythology. A favorite addition of mine is the inclusion of a variety of weapons that all have a unique feel and strategy to them that allows players to experiment and find the right tool for the job. Without giving too much away, predictably, by the end of the game there is not much missing from Kratos’s “things that I have killed” list. A host of new enemies and truly epic bosses are on deck for this final outing, and Kratos always delivers when coming up with creative and entertaining new ways to mutilate them. The unbridled fury and bloodthirsty violence is supersized in this episode, thanks to the power of next gen graphics that allow Kratos to become spattered and caked with gore as he hews corpses and spills all manner of ichor and viscera from foes of all shapes and sizes. The game will have you constantly hungry for more brutality as you go and looking forward to the next savage kill.
The game is virtually flawless but if I had to pick out a weak point it would have to be in the narrative. While appropriately epic and fairly conclusive, there are several key elements of the story that are never fully fleshed out, explored, or explained. There are a few things that fans might find contrary to the character of Kratos, as we understand him, and some of the plot elements seem arbitrary. I also would have to say that the ending felt somewhat abrupt, and left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth.
All in all God of War III is what fans of the series have been waiting for ever since 2007 and will remain one of the definitive titles for the PS3. To all PlayStation followers, it is time to claim your prize.



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